Kodo "Tomorrow" — Heartbeat Project


Известный ансамбль барабанов КОДО (Биение сердца) с проектом Heartbeat в поддержку пострадавшим от землетрясения.

作曲:石塚充 Composed by Mitsuru Ishizuka

Heartbeat Project

On March 11, the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake struck, overwhelming us with the forces of nature. The following weeks have been a rude awakening to the many problems that plague societal support systems, and it is clear that much struggle still lies ahead.

As we celebrate Kodo’s 30th anniversary, we turn our thoughts to the life force of human beings, the heartbeat that drives that force, the importance of existing in harmony with nature, and the sense of hope that these things cultivate within us all. The performing arts were born from these very basic building blocks of life, and we believe wholeheartedly in the power that art possesses to evoke change. With a renewed sense of purpose, we look ahead and begin our journey anew.

Through music and performance, we intend to show our support for those who continue to struggle in the wake of the disaster, and by sending this continual message, to help maintain awareness of their plight in the minds of people in Japan and around the world. Towards this end, we have begun the Heartbeat Project, a multifaceted undertaking designed to support relief efforts and the people of the Tohoku region. Some elements will include new recordings for this specific purpose, as well as charity concerts, fund-raising events et al. We look forward to taking hopeful steps forward, together with you all.



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